Saturday, January 3, 2015

Device Storage Analyzer update 2.0.3

Good news. Few days ago I've finished new 2.0.3. Device Storage Analyzer [PRO] version. This version is available in the Device Storage Analyzer community and this link Please test and feedback.

Here is some improvements:
  • New fresh Android L application design with redesigned navigation drawer.

  • New better and simplse layout design.

  • No more automatic scanning after application start. You should select drive for scanning.

  • Application memory cache used when disk icon is clicked. You should click Refresh button in popup menu for update. Now it's really fast.
  • Popup menu is available by long click on the disk where you can rescan disk, change color or finally delete it.

  • Now you can add custom disks and shortcuts to folders for easy access. Press Add Drive in the context menu. Please do not add "/". App can't scan all file and process and will crash from OutOfMemory error. You can create shortcuts to favorite folders for quick access and scanning.

  • Also if don't have in app sdcard or exteranl storage, you can it by hand through an ADD DRIVE dialog.

  • You can change number of levels of the sunburst chart. For bigger screens you can use more detailed diagrams. Image below displays 6-leveled diagram.

  • You can create custom user GROUPS & FILE TYPES. Group combine different Categories or File Types. Group has it`s name, description and color. Description is reserved for future functionality. 

  • File Type is a set of files with the same extension. For example, file type MPEG-4 Video File is a file with "mp4" extension and a member of the VIDEO group. You can create your own file types in selected group, color them and quick find files.

  • Better Android API 8 devices support.
  • A lot of bug fix and optimizations.

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