Friday, September 20, 2013

[1.42][Update Preview] Device Storage Analyzer


It's time for news. Incoming new update for free and pro DSA. So I want to preview some new features off my app.

Part 1. Widget

The first one is a widget. The widget has a size of 2x3 and available both for free and pro versions.

When added to launch screen, free DSA allows user to select only one mount point - internal storage, pro allows to select any of the available.

So here is widget. As DSA it's simple and clean. Widget will be updated by clicking refresh button or by DSA application, when you delete some files. I can add regular update 1min or less or more? In this question I need your feedback.

Widget can be resized if your Android version allows it.


  1. Please read this

  2. Hi, you might want to take note that there's a very obvious bug with your widget. the small part of the donut is labelled with a bigger file size, and the big part of the donut is labelled with a smaller file size.

  3. Hi, thank you for your feedback. I know about it, this bug will be fixed soon.