Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Device Storage Analyzer. Basics

My Device Storage Analyser displays information on sdcard, usb devices, external and internal storage in a simple and clear graphical form of infographics.

Here I describe my application for the tablet. The application for the phone has a similar structure.

Main screen of app provides several info of users device:
  1. Drives selection area. Here you can choose available drive or mount point. Each drive represented as a pie chart. Colored sector displays occupied space, white is a free drive area.
  2. Selected drive Basic Info displays the same info in a more extended way.
  3. Destribution by types chart shows detailed info of the selected drive.
  4. Actionbar with basic commands: Search, Refresh and Categories sub-menu.


All the files are distributed on the device, but how many? How many music files on the device? What is more, MP3 or WMA? Where are the downloaded  a week ago e-books or archives?

It's very simple to understand it when you group your data by catrgories.

You can use Categories menu item to select grouping method. Currently there are two methods of grouping:

  • by file extension
  • by size
Distribution by type diagram is a default on a main screen.

But if you slide screen left, you'll see Categories page:

Movies category occupies 61.58Mb on the device and 61.58Mb of them are mp4 files.

Music category occupies 361Mb on the device and 361Mb of them are  mp3 files, 177Kb are ogg and m4a occupies only 16.89Kb.
Long click on Category or sub-category will discover underlying files of this item. This mode will be discussed later.

If you select by size grouping method, size categories appears.

In this example I see a gigantic file .thumbdata3--1967290299 (1.13GB) in a GIGANTIC category.

I have something to do with this file.

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