Saturday, May 11, 2013

Going deeper into the storage with a sunburst chart

Device storage representation

All data of the device storages are organized hierarchically. Usually we see the sd card as a tree of files and folders. There are other ways to present hierarchical data, such as sunburst chart.

  1. Root node is in the center of sunburst chart. This is the current folder in the context of My Device Storage Analyzer application.
  2. Path to current folder is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  3. If the folder contains sub-folders and files, it appears on the chart as a sub sectors. Each sub sector has its own weight determined by file or folder size. Bigger size than bigger sector angle. Using sunburst chart is a great opportunity to see the overall disk satate into several levels deeper. By Default My Device Storage Analyzer displayes folder as an orange sectors.
  4. Files colored by category color. For example, blue marked Video files, green marked Music and etc. Gray represents an Unknown category.
  5. If it's too much files in a directory, the chart is transformed into a garbage dump. To avoid this, files and folders after a certain angular threshold are grouped together. Look at the 5 callout.
  6. If room is available first level is labeled. Label contains size and name of the element.

Navigating the current storage

Navigating the storage is very simple. Almost all of the chart is clickable.

Clicking to the folder sector reveals new sublevels. Clicking the central sector will make an active parent level.

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